Tuesday, July 26, 2011


So, anytime we have turned on the News in the past two weeks, it is all about "Debt" and "Debt Ceilings" and "Defaulting on Debt" and any other permutation of "Debt" Washington or News Anchors can come up with.

The focus of course has been about the politicians in D.C., our President, bipartisanship, compromise, the upcoming election, and what our Congressmen are going to do to "fix" America.

Surely those we have elected have an important role to play and a great responsibility to carry out. But what about us?

Do we have any responsibility for the situation we are in?

This part of the "we," mentioned above, is taken from the Youth Groups of Eufaula, Enterprise, Dothan, and Ozark converging at Water World last week

Does "Debt" have anything to do with our lives? What is our responsibility as Americans, as people of faith, and particularly as Christians to those who are less fortunate than ourselves?

Also, are the materially poor, the only "poor" amongst us?

Are there important lessons that we ought to...need to learn from the materially poor?

Is poverty really a problem to solve? Or something else?

Here are a couple thought provoking articles that I have come across in the past week which I thought I would share.

*This explores the question of "tithing": wonder what kind of "spending power" would exist if
all Christians tithed the Biblical 10% of their wealth?

*Just what it says--a compilation of Jesus' commentary on the poor in the Gospels. Great
pictures attached to each verse

*What lessons do the poor have for us?
*Is wealth itself evil? Is poverty itself evil? Or is it the "love of money" that poisons our
relationship with each other and our God?


On a lighter note, I'd like to Thank Mr. Brook Benton for helping us to better appreciate the Boll Weevil down here in the Wiregrass of Alabama. Also, thanks to Prattville Seminarian standout Chris Boutin for drawing my attention to Brook's work.

Or Here on Brook

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