Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Happy Ash Wednesday!

Hello Ya'll,

A day late again....


I am looking to incorporate a daily post throughout all of Lent. I am teaming up with 4 maybe 5 other seminarians to give ya'll a special sneak-peak into an Ancient Roman Tradition, kept up by Christians for centuries. The phenomenon is called the "Station Churches."

My buddy Andrew from Little Rock, Arkansas posted today on his blog explaining this phenomenon and going over our game plan for Lent.

I hope ya'll will find this interesting and also be able to share in this daily pilgrimage with us. Know that I will be praying for all of you each day. If you ever have a specific prayer intention, just email me, facebook me, or write a comment and I promise to pray for you the next day at Mass at the Station Church that we visit.

OK. Check out Andrew's post, and stayed posted. ANDREW'S BLOG

Happy Lent! Let's pray for one another as we JOYFULLY anticipate the RESURRECTION!!!

Peace, Love, and JOY.

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