Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Santa Balbina

Hello People of the World!

This is Victor Ingalls from Montgomery, AL covering today's Station.

Today's Station Church is named Santa Balbina. Little is know about the namesake of this Church. She is believed to be a saint of the early Christian Church in Rome. She likely was a consecrated virgin (one who gives themselves to God in a special way, taking Christ/Christ's Church as their spouse) and a martyr. She was buried in the catacombs along with other Christians. The catacombs were underground cemeteries built by the Christians to hide their dead loved ones since Christianity was illegal until the Edict of Milan in 313.

Like many Churches in Rome, this building was first the home of a wealthy Roman that was later converted into a place of worship. The first Christian Emperor Constantine is believed to have bid the Pope farewell at this Church before his trip Constantinople.

The remains of Sts. Balbina, Felicissimus (Latin for "Most Happy One"), and three other Christian martyrs are preserved today in a casket built into the main altar. Below is a picture of me saying a prayer there after Mass. I prayed to these Saints who gave their lives for their love of God and neighbor. I prayed in a special way for anyone who would read this post...whatever your intentions are...I offered them up after Mass today.

The Church is located on the top of the Aventine Hill. Here is a shot looking out from the front porch of the Church. It doesn't do the view justice...but hopefully you get a glimpse of it.

Here is a shot of the interior of the Church.

Here is a close up of the main fresco painting on the ceiling above the altar. It is a picture of St. Balbina in bliss with God and his angels in heaven.

May these saints inspire us this day. Like them, our lives too must one day come to an end. Chances are little will be known about us 1800 years later. But like these saints, if nothing else, may those who know our name...know us as those who gave EVERYTHING in LOVE to God and neighbor.

St. Balbina.

Pray for us.



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