Sunday, March 7, 2010

Another Postponement...

Hey Ya'll,

I really do apologize for being so slack with my posts lately. It has been a busy couple weeks. And this weekend has been a special time as we have our Archbishop--Thomas Rodi---in town for a special ceremony that occurred just this morning.

I will do my best to post more later on this week, but I would like to offer a few quick links in the meantime to help catch ya'll up to speed.

As far as the Clericus Cup goes (the soccer tournament we are playing in), we won last week against San Paulo, a consortium of different missionary priests from around Africa, but we lost sadly yesterday to the Polish College in a shoot-out. Check out THIS site for a recap on the win against San Paulo last Saturday...and for pictures as well.

Also, this morning was a very special and blessing time as myself and my 54 classmates were "installed" as "Acolytes." I will post hopefully later on in the week explaining what that exactly means...but until is an article and link to more photos about the event. Archbishop Rodi of Mobile was invited to come to Rome to celebrate this special Mass as three of his own seminarians (Philip Halladay, Patrick Arensberg, and myself) were "installed" during this ceremony. It has been a very special blessing to have Archbishop Rodi here with us for a couple days along with Fr. Alex Valladares, the Vocation Director of Mobile (meaning he helps to mentor men and women who feel God may be calling them to give their lives to God as a priest, monk, nun, or other consecrated ministry) and Fr. Michael Farmer, the Chancellor of the Archdiocese of Mobile.

Thank God for this great blessing and all the many blessings He pours out on us daily...especially that of our existence...our very lives---those we never asked for...but were given....freely and gratuitously. May God grant us the vision to see everything in our lives as it REALLY is....a GIFT.

Peace, Love, and Joy.

Talk to Ya'll Soon.


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