Sunday, November 29, 2009


Happy Belated Thanksgiving,

“What do you have that you have not received?”

-1 Corinthians 4:7

This verse came to mind this past week over and over.

Take some time and think about it....

Is there anything in your life that you have not, in some way....RECEIVED?

Did your parents consult you before conceiving you to make sure you were on board?

Did God consult you before gifting you with an immortal soul... capable of being filled with his Eternal Life and Love?

In light of these questions, we can respond in one of two ways:

1. Resent the fact that we had no say in the decision and lament forever this grave “injustice.” And commit ourselves to seeing each instant of our lives through this lens of being wronged.

2. Spend our lives being God and to others. And commit ourselves to seeing our lives through the lens of “Thanksgiving.”

I opt for number two. Or better yet, I am committed to opting to opt for this...every moment....of every day. It is always a temptation, it seems to me, to cry “Sour Grapes!” and fall back to number 1. However, number 2 is my goal.

In this number 2 spirit, this week I would like to take a moment and enumerate a few of the things for which I am THANKFUL.

Big Dad & Christopher Robin

A Big Rock That Looks Like an Elephant (Syracuse, Sicily)

Gino Pattugalan, 1st Communion (now Seminarian for Brooklyn & my classmate)
nice lace bro...... hahhahaha

Skeeter, Shanoon, Gross Goatees, & Headbands

Saddest Face Possible + 7 Chin-Scrunch (How many do you count?)

Mice named "Gus Gus"

Pictures with St. Peter's in the Background

Pat Arensberg and the Fact that He Seemingly Believes this Stone Guy is real

Doing a Push-Up on the Great Wall of China

Jennifer Dobbs & the Ugandan Child She is Holding

German Alabama Fan: I met Thorsten here on a flight back from the States last Fall after my sister's wedding. He went to High School in rural AL. His football coach shortened his name to "Thor" first day of school...and there was no turning back....yesssssss

Poppa Don (aka My Dad) & Castello San Angello

The Red Panda

Event T-Shirts

Sunset at the End of the World (Fisterra, Spain)

Alex Roche, Sandwiches, & Grizzled Looks

(NB: Last year I convinced my class that "Funny Facial Hair" was a MUST for any Mardi Gras Celebration)

Fred Gruber & Hilarious Mardi Gras Half-Beard

Daniel Kirk & Hilarious Mardi Gras Fumanchu

Our Chapel here at the North American College

Other People who have Mustaches, i.e. Tom "Teagles" Gallagher
(Tom Gallagher--->Tom Gall--->T-Galls--->Teagles)

Playing Soccer & My Legs which Constitute 95 % of my entire Body Mass

Candle Light Vigils


A Referee after You have won the game...


Steven Vrazel & Uncle Sam & America

My Family (Mom's Side) on Thanksgiving Day in Myrtle Beach, SC 2009
(We have be doing this for over 15 years):

Grazing, Conversing, etc in Kitchen

Being Educated by Toad (our Granddad)

Ruthie (Grandma) and Chuck (little sister)

The Beach

Toad & Mark (Uncle) & all Father-Son Combos

Thank you God for these and all of our many blessings!

And Thank you for the person reading this right now!

May they be blessed this day!

Grant us the eyes to see everything as it is---GIFT.

Grant us the grace to be people of "Thanksgiving!"


Peace and Love to All.

You have my prayers.

Until next week.

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